Dress code changes, again

Madison Pagan-Draculan, Staff Writer

The school dress code is going to change for the 2013-2014 school year.

“I don’t like the change of the new dress code but I think girls should dress more classy and stop dressing inappropriately and maybe it wouldn’t have changed,” junior Kawehilani Dumaran said.

The dress code has been developed to promote a safe learning environment in which there are minimal distractions and disruptions and which conveys standards appropriate for work. However, some students are worried about the heat.

“I think the next year’s school dress code is dumb. We live on an island that’s always hot, and it’s not like the mainland. We can’t just be wearing pants all the time,” junior Kamalani Eldredge said.

Required dress code:

  • On campus, every student is required to wear their school I.D. on the upper half of their body, between the shoulders and waist, so it’s plainly visible.
  • The tops of all clothing shirts, blouses, dresses etc. must completely cover a student’s chest and midsection. Appropriate undergarments must be worn with tops that are sheer or otherwise expose the breast and/or bra. A minimum two-inch shoulder width band is required for sleeveless tops.
  • The bottoms of all clothing shorts, pants, shirts dresses etc. shall not be more than five inches above the knee.
  • Shoes or slippers required.

*All clothing items must meet the dress code – cover-ups will not make a restricted item acceptable.

Inappropriate dress for school:

  • Any clothing items worn must meet the dress code free from obscene messages, sex, gang, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or violence.
  • No tube tops/bandeaus, spaghetti strap, off the shoulder, or halter tops are permitted as outerwear
  • Dresses or skirts that ride up
  • Bikini tops and bottoms, undergarments, and pajamas

Miscellaneous items/ Accessories:

  • Sunglasses may be worn out doors only
  • Bandanas of any kind/color are not permitted
  • Tattoos depicting sex, gangs, drugs, tobacco, violence, or obscenities must be covered; jewelry and hats depicting the aforementioned are not to be worn.

If dressing inapproptiely the consequences are progressive. Discipline shall be administered for students who violate the standards of dress follows:

  1. First offense – class D referral detention assigned
  2. Second offense – class C referral – insubordination- detention assigned
  3. Third offense – class C referral – Saturday school or suspension assigned

Student’s eligibility for extra/co- curricular activities may be affected by a student’s discipline record.

Dress code will change, no matter what.

“I don’t really care about next year’s dress code because I’m a boy, and it doesn’t matter to me. It’s mostly about the girls,” junior Ravin Bulusan said.

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